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SELT Survey
Learning & Teaching Centre

In the past, you might have heard about the Student Evaluation of Unit (SEU) and the Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) surveys. Some ACU students told us that there were too many surveys to complete at the end of a semester/ term. So we looked into ways to reduce the survey burden for students, while collecting information that is important for maintaining/ improving the quality of learning and teaching in ACU.

Now the Student Evaluation of Learning and Teaching (SELT) Survey is replacing both SEU and SET surveys.

  • SELT survey is a simple way to share your views to make positive changes for yourself and future students.
  • The survey is short and generally takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete.
  • The survey process is confidential, and your feedback will be reported anonymously.
  • SELT survey results will be reported after the release of examination results to students for the semester (e.g., Students can view their exam results for Semester 2 units on 10 December 2015, and the Lecturers/ Tutors will be able to see SELT survey reports for their units only on 11 December 2015).
  • So, no matter in which week you complete the SELT survey for a unit, your feedback will not affect the marking/ grading of assignments and exam papers for that unit.

Do you have questions about SELT? Please do look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). If you cannot find the answers to your questions relating to SELT surveys, you are welcome to post your query or concern to

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